“Mujhe Ahmed Bilal kehte hain”

A voice that has paved way through thousands of hearts, Ahmed Bilal with his suavely charming desi style certainly masters the art of keeping his listeners glued to their radio sets. Ahmed Bilal has this magic working for him as his listeners range from teenagers to senior citizens, country folk to expatriates, housewives to local businessmen, all entertained with the exclusive music he plays and his enchanting conversation which makes one wonder if he’s really talking about you.

Ahmed Bilal has a huge listenership all around the world. With personal referrals he creates this make-belief world of illusion that will surely sooth you down if you’ve had a hard day at work giving you a perfect Saturday night treat.

Being original and spontaneous, He makes his audience enthralled with an action-packed show having a perfect blend of humor and intelligence, and his deep-sinking words dashed with invigorating music which is food for every soul.


Born on 6th July, 1977 in Lahore, Ahmed Bilal is the eldest of his two siblings. His childhood was spent in Rawalpindi and got his early education. Later on in 1999, he completed his MBA from Bahria University, Islamabad. He is a renowned DJ and a teacher as well.

Broadcasting Career

The journey started on 27th July, 1998, when Ahmed Bilal's voice went on air for the first time on FM 101. In his early years, he also worked with FM 100 for a short time. Passion combined with hard work led to his great popularity within a short span of time. Initially he gained fame with his show Midnight Cit Chat and then 101 International. With a charming intellectual personality and his unique desi style mingled with a great sense of humour, he rules over thousands of hearts, young and old alike. As Ahmed Bilal puts it himself “You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave”. In 2005, on the occasion of FM 101 Excellence Awards, Ahmed Bilal bagged the award for the Best DJ of FM 101 International


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